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Telephone: 07790760146

A highly competent Software Developer. Works well in a team environment and on individual projects and never loses site of the business goals.

Skills Matrix





C on Linux/Unix

2002 to date


PHP on Linux/Apache

2007 to date


Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL

2007 to date


Cross Browser support

2007 to date


Google page one success

2007 to date


W3C valid

2007 to date

Java Script

Java Script

2007 to date


XML on Linux/UNIX

2005 to date

Shell Script

Creating and Editing various scripts for Linux and UNIX

2002 to date



2005 to date


Creating and debugging

2007 to 2008


Creating and debugging

2007 to 2008


Creating, buidling and supporting applications

2002 to date


Java on Linux/UNIX applying Object Oriented Design

2002 to 2005


Experience at university

2002 to 2005

Embedded VB

Creating and supporting applications for the HP IPAQ

2004 to 2005


Creating and deugging

2007 to 2008

SS7, Sigtran, Diameter, Radius

Experience in implementing, testing and debugging parts of each protocol

2005 to 2007


Creating/maintaining scripts for the HLR(Home Location Register)

2005 to 2007

Flex & Bison

Used to process and present data to c applications

2005 to 2007


Created scripts to convert configuration files

2005 to 2007


Experience at university

2002 to 2003

Object Oriented Design

Creating and working from designs

2002 to date

Finite State Design

reating and working from designs

2002 to date


Aug 2008 to date

Clockwork Bear

Website Design company.

Owner and web developer


  • Designing and developing websites for clients.
  • Bidding for work.
  • Day to day admin.

Prime Achievements

  • Kitsch Jewellery at Ji Ji Kiki: (PHP, mySQL, HTML, Java script, SEO) Designed, created, maintained and promoted.
  • (PHP, mySQL, HTML) Created a bespoke CMS and members area.
  •, HTML, postgresSQL) Alteration to improve the users profile pages and adding extra validation when users submit their information. Search capabilities were improved to allow members to find friends in the same town and/or country as themselves.
  • Beading kits at Julia Curtis: (PHP, mySQL, HTML, Java script, SEO). Created, maintained and promoted.
  • Created a HTML email and made small text changes to site.
  • (Java script). Volunteer work to add layout and validation to send message form.

Feb 2008 to Apr 2009


Quadrics is a leading supplier and developer of high performance networking products

Software developer on the switch management team


  • Designing and Creating Software for Quadrics Switch management.
  • Design and Creating manufacture tests for the QsnetIII switch.
  • Debugging the switch management software.

Prime Achievements

  • Designed and created the upgrade procedure for the QsnetIII switches.
  • Created the power on self-tests for the switch chassis.
  • Create a framework (test harness) to remotely run and retrieve results of tests run on switches.
  • Created the service demon for the switch controller card.
  • Modified U-boot for the switch chassis creating backup partitions for the Kernal and Ramdisk.

July 2007 to Feb 2008


Finical wrap platform provider

Website developer


  • Designing creating new functionality for the FNZ Wrap Platform.
  • Debugging and fixing errors raised by customers.
  • Adding new functionality to existing VB6 components.
  • Creating SQL scripts/stored procedures.
  • Creating pages from design specifications.

Prime Achievements

  • Being part of a team taking the existing FNZ Wrap Platofrm and applying it to a new customer.
  • Help investigate how FNZ can use peer review in their software development process.

Jul 2005 to Jun 2007

Apertio Ltd

Subscriber Data Management solution

Software Engineer on the signalling stacks team


  • Designing and implementing software.
  • Testing and fixing bugs.
  • Developing new features.
  • Creating internal and external documentation.
  • Working wih software external suppliers.
  • creating test scripts.

Prime Achievements

  • Automated the running of the signalling stack tests.
  • Producing shell scripts and documentation to perform a version upgrade of the signalling stack software.
  • Part of the signalling stacks support mail group.
  • Taking a leading role organising the out of office events which has resulted in a sports and social lub beng created.

Sept 2003 to Jul 2005

Hewlett Packard

HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally

Software Developer


  • Developing applications for the iPAQ PDA.
  • Testing and fixing bugs.
  • Creating internal and external documentation.
  • Assisting on pre-sales activities.

Prime Achievements

  • Took sole control of and supported the further development of MoMail, a customer call dispatching tool for the iPAQ.
  • Developed, from an outline brief, a report generation tool to aid customer site reviews. Thistool is estimated to save two hours per report.
  • Took part in pre-sales events in London and Bristol.
  • Gave presentations to Hewlett Packard UK Managers about the projects I was involved in and as a representative of the graduate apprentice program. social lub beng created.
  • Completed my dissertation; an investigation into the visualisation of sentient environments.

Previous Career


University of the West of England.

Student Ambassador.

Volunteer work

October 2006

Romania Volunteer.

Worked for two weeks helping to build three houses for the charity Habitat for Humanity.

July 2007 - December 2007

The Bristol Foyer computer room assistant.

The Bristol Foyer is a charitable organisation that enables people between the ages of 18 to 25 to acquire the skills they need to get back into work.


2005 - BSc(Hons) Computing for Real Time Systems (2.1). University of the West of England, Bristol.

Sponsored by Hewlett Packard throughout university, with two years spent studying at UWE and two years working at Hewlett Packard, Bristol.

2001 - A levels in Computing - B, Business Studues - C, Government & Politics -D.

2000 - Participation in my collage debating team's win at the Welsh European Youth Parliament debating competition and Finalist in the UK round.

1998 - Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.


In my spare time I enjoy participating in sports such as squash and running. I have run several half marathons and have run the Prague 2009 Marathon.